All the walls, they're bound to fall...

To imagine Planetman's uplifting World-Reggae Fusion sound, take the heart of Roots Reggae, pumped with the jump-up energy of Ska, and woven through with an Afrofunk groove. Throw in some captivating instrumentals and heavy Dub bass lines, and you are getting somewhere near. Complete the mix with unique vocals that tell a story of a soul’s purpose and you have Planetman, a singer/songwriter consumed by the passion of his art.
“blends highlife guitars and reggae with earnest folk and brightly soulful vocals. The sounds are varied yet simply catchy; the spirit is infectiously upbeat.” (METRO)

Born in Israel, as a youth he stood against the government, refusing to serve in the army and spending time behind bars for his principles. Here he dreamed of making music that would transcend cultures – rebel music that would serve as a mantra of unity amongst all people. Planetman was born!

At the turn of the millennium, Planetman was drawn to London as a hub for multi-cultural music, and 2005 saw the independent release of his first album Unite! He kept on pushing boundaries with extended live shows and trance-inducing jam sessions, including an infamous 2006 Sunrise Festival set lasting for six hours!  Word of his full-power performances spread, and soon he was lighting up stages at Boom, Glastonbury and Big Chill festivals, Notting Hill Carnival and had a residency at Secret Garden Party.

“This is a good-time band who will have any festival crowd up on its feet, shoes kicked off and toes dancing through the fresh green grass.”    (Virtual Festival)

A founding member of iconic Dalston venue Passing Clouds, Planetman’s monthly Little Blue Ball parties spanned over a decade, and have become legendary for their magical atmosphere and round-the-block queues.  Seven years running the Sunday Night Jam Sessions at the venue established him as a key figure in the London music scene and led to further work as a promoter of World Music. Projects include founding the Global Beats Festival, which he curated and headlined at Wilton’s Music Hall, and World Music Jam a successful commission for the BBC’s Lonely Planet event.

Planetman’s skill as a guitarist and authentic, larger than life personality have landed him gigs backing Reggae heroes, Dawn Penn, Winston Reedy and Winston Groovy. He has taken his inspiriting message of unity through music across the globe, from Budapest to Ko Pha Ngan, and was invited to Tanzania by the family of Remi Ongala to play at a memorial show in the star’s honour. 

His latest album - Love Rebel - is the embodiment of the life and work of a musician who lives by the message in his music. The album deals with themes of love as a spiritual and unifying force and the true freedom of refusing to submit to a soulless system. Described as ‘Reggae master’ by the Evening Standard, his current work has a distinctly Dub flavour. The new single, soon to be released by Kundalini Records, includes remixes by Dub legend Gaudi and acclaimed producer Martin ‘Youth’ Glover (Paul McCartney/Guns N’ Roses/ The Verve) - whose version has been selected to feature on Liquid Sound Design Records' compilation ‘Music to Get High To’.

With more new music and collaborations in the pipeline, Planetman’s mission is gaining momentum…

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Wherever you are that's your holy land